The Ultimate Camping Checklist That You’ll Ever Need!

The experience of camping is full of adventure and fun, but there are some things that you can't forget with just a glance. Whether you're heading out on a camping trip or you're taking your kids to the woods for the first time ever, having a camping checklist will make sure that everyone has what they need to feel comfortable and safe. Checklists ensure that you don't forget anything that is important to make your trip enjoyable and easier. Consider this article as the ultimate family camping checklist for your next adventure into the wilderness. First things first, let’s start with camping gear and equipment.

Camping Gear/Equipment/Furniture

As part of this section, you'll find everything you need for camping, including a bed, a seat, and lights. All the crucial camping gear and equipment for an enjoyable camping experience.

Camping Tent or Swag Tent: A Safe & Secure Camping

Camping Tent Or Swag Tent Camping tents are best when you’re travelling with your family. If you’re travelling with a family of four people, a 5-6 person tent may be ideal for you. You'll find a 4-person tent to be the perfect shelter option if you're on a camping trip with a loved one. There are various types of camping tents available today from traditional canvas tents to modern pop-up beach tents. So you need to choose the best option to suit your preferences. However, if you are camping solo, a swag tent might be the ideal choice. Due to their warmer temperatures and mattress, swags may appear more comfortable than tents to some people.

Camping Table and Chairs: Seat and Enjoy The Bliss of Nature

Camping Table & Chairs When you go camping, you won't spend all day sprawled out on the ground. There will be a need for a seat. It is for this reason that a chair is necessary to enjoy the bliss of nature in the evening. It is ideal to have a portable camping table and chairs set if you want to serve breakfast in the morning, coffee in the evening, etc. During camping, a table will also serve as a place to keep all your essential food and other necessities. It is best to choose a portable set of camping tables and chairs so you can move them around easily.

Sleeping Bag: Keep You Warm & Help You To Sleep Soundly

Sleeping Bag A sleeping bag is one of the most essential camping accessories. Especially if you're camping in a cold climate, a sleeping bag is a must. A sleeping bag will keep you warm at the campsite and help you sleep soundly. Just wrap yourself in, set the right temperature and drift off to dreamland. There are a variety of lightweight sleeping bags available in different sizes, shapes, finishes, and materials. The ideal choice is one that is comfortable for you and suits your sleeping style. It is now possible to find double-sized sleeping bags, so if you are camping with your partner, you will enjoy a pleasant night's sleep.

Air Mattress/Inflatable Mattress: Sleep With Comfort On Camping Site

Airr Mattress Unless your sleeping bag is super puffy or thick enough, you will need an air mattress for sleeping. It will be difficult for you to rest on bare ground. A mattress that inflates and deflates is called an air mattress. Despite being lightweight, these mattresses are quite comfortable to sleep on. There are single air mattresses for you and a double air mattress for you and your partner. If you buy an air mattress, make sure to choose a tent that is big enough to accommodate one.

Car Awning: Protect Your Car From The Elements

Car Awning You can’t really trust the weather around in Australia. An camping car awning protects your car from the elements, which is why it's a good idea to have one. When camping with a campervan, ensure that you have a sturdy awning to protect it against the wind and water.

Camping Light: Keep Your Tent Well-Illuminated

Camping Light As the day turns to dusk, you’ll need some illumination around your campsite. It's a good idea to bring a camping light. A decent camping light will keep your tent well-illuminated. You can choose from a wide range of camping lights, but your first consideration should be whether you have power. There is no doubt that you will have more options if you have access to power. If you are camping in a non-powered area, we recommend you set up your camp so that you can use either power or solar power.

Headlamps:  The Best Hands-free Lighting Solutions

Headlamps Headlamps are a must for camping and hiking trips. This is especially important if you plan to go on a nighttime excursion. You can also use it to keep your hands free if you're cooking or doing something else that requires both hands. You won't lose it even if you just go to the restroom.

Torch: Get Extra Lights In Night Blackouts

Torch The most useful thing you can bring when camping is a flashlight, but with excellent lighting and headlamps, you won't need more than one or two. When your camping light runs out of batteries, you'll be glad you've got a torch.

Kitchen Utensils and Accessories: Cook on A Campsite and Enjoy The Food

Kitchen Utensils and Accessories There are some campgrounds around Australia with excellent camp kitchens, so you can bring whatever you need for cooking on a camping trip. Camping areas also often have communal fridges, grills, microwaves, ovens, kettles, toasters, and microwaves. But if you’re camping at a remote site, you’ll have to bring the necessary camping utensils.

Camping Fridge: Chill Out With Few Beers, Wine and Beverages

Camping Fridge There's no way to avoid chilling out during the summer. A few beers, some good wine, and a few more beverages will definitely make camping more enjoyable. There are some really cool bar fridges and mini portable fridges available that are easy to take on camping. Just make sure to choose the right size and you’re all set to chill out on your next adventure!!

Portable BBQ: Roast, Cook and Fry Food On the Campsite

Most Australian campsites have BBQs, but if you want to cook around your tent, a portable barbecue should be on your camping checklist. BBQs today come in a wide range of sizes, options and designs. Most modern portable BBQs can roast, cook, and fry food, so you can enjoy different dishes with one.

​​Gas Cylinder: Get Power To Cook Food

Gas Cylinder To go camping, you'll need to leave the house and come prepared with the basics. But there's always more gear and items you forgot, so make sure to add a stove or portable BBQ to your list. You don't want to find yourself without power while camping! So check the gas before bringing it along.

Lighter or Matches: Quick Fire To Burn The Stove

Lighter Or Matches A BBQ or stovetop needs lighters and matches to be lit while camping. Camping isn't complete without a lighter and matches.

Camping Cookware Set: Try New Dish On Campsite

Camping Cookware Set If you’re staying longer, you would want to pack a whole cookware set to try new dishes every day. If so, then pack a saucepan and frypan, plates, bowls, mugs, glasses and even a cutlery set. Besides these, don't forget knives, spoons, thongs, and a cutting board, which are essential kitchen accessories.

Water Tank: Get Sufficient Water And Stay Hydrated

Water Tank A campervan tank might provide sufficient water when you’re camping. In order to stay hydrated all day long, you need at least a large water jug or a water tank. There are various types of water tanks available that are lightweight and portable to move around. Try getting a holder and a wheeled cart for easy movement.

Kettle: Enjoy Coffee, Tea or Warm Water While Taking Beautiful Views

Kettle If you'd like to enjoy coffee in the morning while taking in the beautiful views from your campsite, a kettle will make it easier. You'll need a kettle if you're camping in winter, especially if you like to sip warm water.

Disposable Containers: Store And Throw Food Leftovers And Dirtbags

To store and throw food leftovers and dirtbags, a reusable container is a must. The campsite will not be littered with leftovers. Make sure you have a large reusable container in your camping checklist for the Australian campsite.

Glad Wrap/Tin Foil

It is better to use reusable containers whenever possible, but glad wrap and tin foil may also be useful.

Paper Towel: For Cleaning Up Dirty Hands & Messes

There are no camping essentials Australia list that is complete without a paper towel. For cleaning up dirty hands and messes, these are always handy.

Tea and Coffee: Relax & Freshup Your Mind To Enjoy Camping

The camping kit should have it, so you don't forget it.

Groceries and Other Spices and Herbs

A grocery store is a must for anyone who loves to cook. Spices and herbs, as well as necessary groceries, are a must.

Cleaning Supplies: Keep Your Campsite Clean & Tidy

In terms of keeping your campsite clean and tidy, here is a list of camping must-have items. Cleaning Supplies

Dishwashing Liquid: Help To Clean The Dish

Following a meal, it is important to clean the dishes. So add dishwashing liquid to your camping checklist Australia list.

Broom and Dust Pan: Keep Everything Neat & Tidy

The most important thing for camping is to keep everything neat and tidy, so you'll need a broom and dustpan for your tent. A blower can also be brought along to make cleaning easier!

Wipe and Spray: Clean The Tables After Meal

Every Australian camping checklist should include a method for cleaning off the tables after a meal. Don’t forget the sprays.

Dishcloth: Wipe Tables & Dishes Quickly

Pack a dishcloth or two, it will help wipe tables and dishes quickly and easily.

Bucket For Doing And Keeping Dishes

To keep dirty dishes at your campsite, make sure you carry a large plastic bucket. It’ll be helpful.

Portable Sink: Use To Wash Hands or Dishwashing

Camping requires a certain amount of gear, so it's important to make sure you have everything you need. Most people find that their kitchen sink is too heavy, and that's why this collapsible or portable sink is a handy, space-saving bonus.

Bin and Rubbish Bags: Help To Throw Rubbish

Get a compact, lightweight dustbin to throw rubbish. Also, you can use a sensor bin while camping, which is affordable and can be used anywhere.

Shower Essentials

Shower supplies are next on the Australian camping checklist. It is essential that you pack these items, or your camping experience may not be as enjoyable as you had hoped. Shower Essentials

Camping Toilet: Make Your Campsite Equipped With Toilets

Most campsites across Australia are equipped with toilets. It might be across the campsite or you may have to take a long walk away. However, you can overcome these obstacles if you bring your own camping toilet. Nowadays, you can find a range of portable camping toilets that are lightweight and easy to take away on your trips. Just be sure to bring one that is easy to clean as well.

Shower Tent: Get Ability To Bath & Clean Yourselves

Again, as mentioned above, campsites may have showering facilities. A shower tent and accessories may not be necessary if you're taking a campervan or trailer. If not, you will need to bring a shower tent. Get a standing shower tent that isn't wide enough but sturdy and easy to take camping.

Towels: Drying Yourself

You'll all need towels, for sure. You may want to bring one for swimming (if you plan to swim in the river or on the shore) and one for showering if you have room.

Soap and Bathing Essentials (Optional)

If you’re planning to hike trails and are going to have more adventures than ever, pack soaps and bathing essentials that you use at home. These will make sure you feel refreshed every time you shower after an adventure.

Power Supplies: Get Electricity On The Campsite

There will always be a need for power, whether you camp at an electric or unpowered site. The following is a brief overview of the basics. Power Supplies

Spare Batteries: Help You When You're Out Of Battery

Your camping gear checklist shouldn't be complete without plenty of spare batteries for lighting! You should ensure that all your gear that needs batteries has extra batteries.

Portable Solar Panels (Optional)

There will always be a trend for camping with solar panels. Having them is essential for camping in the woods. Portable Solar Panels can be found at all price points, from affordable to very expensive. Solar panels from Shopystore are highly recommended by campers.

Extenders and Power Boards: Connect The Electrical Supply

You'll need a good quality powerboard to connect everything to if you're camping at an electrically-powered site, using a generator, or using solar panels. An extra-long extension lead will also be needed to connect the electrical supply.

Power Banks and Portable Chargers

All personal devices should be charged up, so make sure you bring something to keep them charged. Make sure you have a high-capacity charger, so you can charge your phone, camera, etc for days at a time.


You have it all!! Planning a camping trip can be overwhelming, but with this Australian camping checklist, you'll be able to breeze through the process and make sure every detail is accounted for. From food and water supplies to tools and camping equipment, this checklist covers everything you need to hit the outdoors without trouble. You can also download this camping checklist pdf and save it for later use.

Download Camping Checklist PDF

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