Bed Frames

Order Now Bed Frames Which Gives You A Satisfied Sleep

Shop Now sturdy and stylish bed frames at affordable prices online in Australia at Shopystore. You Can Choose from an extensive collection available across various styles, sizes, and designs of bedframe with storage. It’s very easy to buy a bed frame and mattress at our store in a few easy steps. Simply pick the right cool bed frame size, select your style & design, and checkout with an amazing Buy Now Pay Later option like Wizpay, Afterpay, Humm Etc. In no time, you'll have your dream bed delivered.
Bed Frames

Best Bed Frames: A Solid and Stylish Base For Your Sleep

Bed frames and bed bases are one of our best-selling furniture items. Whether you are someone who uses a budget metal bed or a sturdy wooden bed, you will easily find the bed frame of your choice at the Shopystore. You can choose the best bed frames online from over a hundred styles of bed frames and bed bases at very affordable prices. You can Create a soft, comfortable, and stylish sleeping solution for the bedroom of your dreams using the best bed frame from Shopystore.

What Is The Best Bed Size For My Bedroom?

A bed's size is generally determined by the size of your bedroom. Additionally, you can choose it based on how much extra space you require to sleep comfortably. At Shopystore, you can find five types of standard Australian bed sizes which are also very popular bed frames in Australia. The king-size bed offers a spacious sleeping area for two people. Likewise, a queen bed offers ample sleeping space for the same sleeping solution. Double beds may not offer the additional comfort that two people need. Similarly, a king single bed is the ideal sleeping solution for an individual. And single beds are totally perfect for kids and teens.

What Are The Types Of Best Bed Frames?

A bed purchase involves more considerations than you might expect! But you can choose from a wide variety of bed frame styles and designs available at shopystore. Take a look at the below available various types of bed frames across different styles, fabrics, and functionality to order bed frame.

Best Bed Frames With Storage To Save Space

There are two types of storage bed frames you can shop at Shopystore. One with gas lift storage solution and the other with drawers. Gas lift bed frames tend to be more spacious than the bed frame with drawers. Gas-lift bed frame are also easy to operate and less likely to get dirty as the storage compartment is underneath the bed. On the other hand, drawer bed frame are suitable for kids' bedrooms and individual sleeping solutions.

PU Leather Bed Frames

Our PU leather bed frame is a perfect style solution for luxurious bedrooms. For any contemporary bedroom style, these bed frame would be aesthetically pleasing. These beds come up with large headboards and are available in various colors and styles.

Linen Fabric Beds For Your Comfort

Among the most popular types of beds are linen fabric ones because they offer comfort and are easy to look after. These are made from high-quality fabric and are available in over a dozen styles and colors. As with PU leather beds, such frames can be bought with or without storage.

Wooden Bed Frames: A Strong, Sturdy and Functional

Strong, sturdy, and functional. Known for their sturdiness and classic appeal, wooden bed frames are great for a timeless bedroom. These are available across numerous designs and styles, offering you a wide selection of choices. Wood slates used to construct our bed frame are durable and designed to last longer. As a result, you can feel confident regarding the quality of our frames.

How To Style Up a bed?

When choosing bedding essentials and home décor, make sure the colors and textures complement the bed as the center of attention. To add a layer of comfort and style, you can add pillows, cushions, and a throw rug over a quilt cover set.

What Extra Space Should I Have Around My Bed To Sleep Comfortably?

Moreover, there needs to be enough room around the bed to lay out the bed, access wardrobes, and place bedside tables and dressing tables if they're needed. So you can choose the right bed for your bedroom accordingly. Shopystore has become a go-to destination to shop for furniture online in Australia. Our prices are affordable and we offer exciting Buy Now Pay Later plans to make things simple. You can shop for any of our bed frames today and pay for them later in small amounts as you choose from Wizpay, Laybuy, Latitude Pay, Humm & Openpay.