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Most often made from coated metal, shopy store sturdy plant stands are safe to use indoors and out. These are also known as plant pot stands. Some minor assembly may be required but usually involves hand tightening the frame together. Outdoor plant stands come in various forms, each of which is best suited for different garden areas. Corner units fit snugly into any corner, while flat, rectangular units are best placed up against a wall. Some can even stick into the ground right in your garden bed.

Save Space With Shopy Store Plant Pots

Space is often a big issue with gardeners, as some people, like apartment dwellers, only have a small balcony to work with. When the garden becomes full, one or more plant stands can dramatically increase space. Our plant plots have become part of garden culture because they save space and look great. The “tiered” versions have more than one plant shelf stacked on top of one another.

Similar to a bookshelf in your home, the tiered models store multiple plant pots while taking up very little precious ground space. These stands can be termed as the best garden equipment. This garden equipment has two sides that come together, forming a 90-degree angle. They can slide right into a corner with ease, utilizing space that would typically be inaccessible.

Get Your Desired Plant Stands

We have different types of outdoor plant stands like white, gold, and black plant stand with materials like wooden, metal, and rattan plant stand. Some stands have circularly shaped shelves that can only store one pot at a time. Others have more extended conventional shelves thatch can hold many pots or a single trough. You can use a buy now and pay later option at Shopy Store to shop the gardener carts and pay via different payment methods like Afterpay, Humm, etc.