Solar Panel

Eco-friendly and Portable Solar Panels From Shopy Store

Solar energy is the most sustainable and eco-friendly type of energy accessible for everyone, and it is better than other sources of power in terms of cost-efficiency. Solar energy is obtained from the sun through the solar panel that absorbs the sunlight and transforms it into power.
Solar Panel
Solar powers are not only helpful in homes or for fixed installations; you can also buy a portable solar panel that is easy to transport anywhere. We have various sizes of folding solar panels at Shopy Store that can turn out to be helpful camping gear, so don't waste your time, order online, and enjoy camping.


We have folding solar panels for camping which can accommodate your luggage or your vehicle easily, and they are lightweight, so you carry them conveniently. They are available in various power capacities so that you can purchase them according to your requirements. A higher battery capacity means that it can charge more devices and stay long-lasting for extended use. The installation of solar panels is easy and does not require any professional help. You can take help from the user manual available with the panels. You can keep all your devices in charge. And your camping can be fun and convenient if you have an adequate supply of solar panels from the Shopy Store.

Other accessories

For this camping gear, you have other accessories available at our store that will make power consumption easy for you. We have portable batteries and a collection of deep cycle batteries in which the energy can be stored from the solar panels. And the user can easily use it by attaching plugs and wires. The deep cycle battery makes sure that there is a constant. And the smooth supply of power without damaging the battery health of your devices.