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Shop Furniture at Shopystore: Design Your Dream Home in Elegance and Comfort

Shopystore has become a popular destination to shop furniture online in Australia. Not only do we have an extensive selection of furniture, but we also have affordable prices so that every home can afford it. Besides affordable prices, we offer exciting Now Pay Later plans to help you shop more conveniently. At Shopystore, you can buy Afterpay furniture now and pay it off later in instalments without any incurring interest. 

Afterpay is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later services across Australia and we have integrated it into our store. Thus, we have been regarded as one of the best Afterpay furniture stores online in Australia. Take a look at our wide range of furniture, all the way from best-selling beds and mattresses to comfy outdoor furniture and creative kids’ furniture. View the collection of styles we offer and learn how we differ from other Aftepay furniture stores.

  • Bed Frames and Beds

Bed frames and beds are among our best-sellers at Shopystore. You can choose from over one hundred fifty varieties spanning five sizes of beds in Australia. King, queen, double, king single and single. The styles of bed frames range from classic, retro, and contemporary to luxury and luxury contemporary. In fact, you can choose a frame with a headboard without a headboard. Furthermore, you can select the type of comfort you prefer from wooden frames to fabric beds to metal frames to leather beds.

Whatever bed you choose from our collection, we ensure high quality and lasting durability. To ensure your peace of mind, our beds come with a standard one-year warranty. 

  • Mattresses

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, it might be time for a new mattress. The right mattress helps you rest and sleep well at the end of a busy day. Not only do we have the right mattress for your sleeping style, but also our prices are affordable. You have over a dozen options to choose from. You can browse mattresses in foam, spring, latex and across various paddings. Memory foam mattresses are top-selling for the level of comfort they offer. Spring mattresses are also best-sellers and are suitable for a variety of sleeping styles.

Regardless of the padding style you choose for your mattress, we ensure a high level of comfort and long-lasting durability. 

  • Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms would be incomplete without furniture like side tables, dressers, and ottomans. For a perfect bedroom, you need a perfect set of furniture, and we have exactly what you need. No matter what your budget is, we can help you design your dream bedroom. You can browse numerous designs of bedside tables, dressing tables and ottomans with storage functions here. Matching side tables can be found to go with our beds. For storage, wardrobes and cupboards are also available in the same style as beds and other bedroom furniture. Additionally, we offer exquisite beddings such as quilt cover sets and bed sheet sets, which put together provide an impressive appearance.

  • Living Room Furniture

The living room is the entrance of your home, and we know how to make it look elegant as your lifestyle dictates. Choose the furniture and colour scheme that suits your taste. You can explore an extensive selection of living room furniture like tv units, display shelves, sofa and sofa beds, armchairs, console tables, coffee tables, room dividers and more across various styles and designs. Choose the right furniture based on your living room style, or read the latest resources at Shopystore for the right buying guide.

  • Outdoor Furniture

Decorate your patio and garden with our stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture. Whether hosting a weekend get-together or sipping morning coffee, outdoor furniture plays a crucial role in summertime fun. At Shopystore, you can browse through a wide variety of outdoor furniture like outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor sofas, outdoor lounges, sun lounges and a lot more. The perfect fun outdoors can be had with our outdoor beds, outdoor umbrellas and more. We even offer complete outdoor furniture sets. And regardless of what you buy, we ensure high-quality furniture.

  • Office Furniture

Whether you’re designing your home office or starting a new corporate office, we have office furniture that meets your needs. You can explore office chairs, gaming chairs, massage chairs and even recliners for your needs. Our ergonomic office desks are available in over a hundred styles and shapes that are perfect for both corporate and home offices. You can also buy meeting chairs and tables together at the most affordable prices for your new business venture. Designed with ergonomics in mind, our office furniture offers you total comfort while you work.

  • Dining Furniture 

A dining table is a place where you spend quality time together, be it during lunch or dinner. Eating and laughing together is an ideal combination. We’d like you to know that we have just perfect dining sets for all your mealtime moments. All you need is a stylish comfy chair that pleases your living space and offers a source of relaxation. You can find both in our exquisite dining chairs. There are over a hundred varieties available. You can also choose your preferred dining top from over a dozen styles. Wood, glass and more. In addition, we offer bar stools and bar furniture, so if you want to create a more elegant atmosphere in your dining room, these can be perfect.

  • Kids Furniture

While our collection of kids’ furniture may not be as large as our furniture for adults, it is certainly aesthetically pleasing and creative enough to appeal to children. Little ones will be glad to have our furniture in their bedroom. We have creatively designed kids’ tables and chairs, toy boxes, bookshelves and more furniture that they’ll love. Aside from that, we have luxury-comfort armchairs, animal stools, and seats they’ll enjoy sitting on. Each piece of furniture we offer is built keeping safety and comfort in mind, so you can be sure they’ll be safe and happy

  • Storage Solutions

A storage solution is one of the most essential home furnishings. While we already have a pretty good range of wardrobes and cupboards, we also have good options in storage solutions like shoe racks, wine racks, tallboys, sideboards and more. You can choose from more than one hundred styles and designs of shoe racks, which are our best-sellers. Additionally, tallboys and chests of drawers are popular thanks to their styles and designs. Explore numerous designs in sideboards, cupboards, storage cabinets and more storage solutions.

It’s easy to shop furniture online with Shopystore in Australia. Just a few clicks and furniture is delivered to your doorstep. You don’t even need to wait till the payday. You can Afterpay furniture today and pay it off over time as you wish.