Round Rug

Stylish and Bold Round Rugs at Shopystore: Best Home and Garden Decor

Round Rugs are a great addition to any home. They're an elegant and timeless style that can fit in any room, even if you have a modern or rustic vibe. We carry many different styles and colours, so there's something for everyone!
Round Rug
Round Rugs are designed to help you make the most of your floor space and to bring a special sense of style and elegance into your home. Made from the finest materials, our round Rugs add warmth and depth that will impress your guests. Choose from our collection of round rugs and find one that suits your taste perfectly.

What Does A Round Rug Do To A Room?

A round rug provides a great finish to your decor. The curves make them easy for the eye to scan across the room and create an appearance of fluid movement when the furniture is left in a chaotic mess.

Does A Round Rug Work For A Living Room?

Round rugs can be very eye-catching. If your living room has curved furniture, such as a circle-shaped table, a chandelier, or even a round sofa, a round rug can help unify the entire space and make it feel cohesive.

Can You Put A Round Rug In A Square Room?

Round rugs are your go-to choice if you're looking for a bold and graphic addition to your living room. They may take up more space, but their curvaceous shapes can fit in tight or difficult-to-decorate areas nicely. Round rugs also work well when they contrast square or angular rooms. They create artificial depth and make small spaces feel larger.

When Should You Use A Round Rug In A Living Room?

A round rug in your living room can help define the space by creating a vignette or focal point. Place a rug under the furniture that you want to draw attention to and let it tie together your eclectic space.

Does A Round Rug Look Good Under A Square Table?

A square table on a round rug doesn't work well because the corners of the table become the focal point of the space. The same goes for a square table on a rectangular rug. If you were to do this there would be an excess of rug in one end, which is an unattractive look.

Choose From a Distinct Collection of Round Rugs

Shopystore offers an extensive selection of round rugs across different sizes, designs and colours. The following are some of our best round rugs.

Vintage Round Rugs

When you need a little extra winter warmth, this beautiful rug will do the trick! Featuring a palette of pastel hues, it's surprisingly plush and comfortable. Plus, strong fibres ensure that every step is so fluffy, your mood will be instantly lifted! There are different designs and colours available, so you are sure to find one that complements your room.

Shaggy Round Rugs

Our shag rugs are made from contemporary, yet chic colours. These rugs will be soft and plush because they're hand-tufted and made of yarns that are fade-resistant to create a rug rich in texture. They're perfect for any design-savvy interior décor.

Kid’s Rugs/ Small Round Rugs

These Piccolo rugs are perfect for your child's grand imagination! Rugs for both boys and girls, including unisex rugs. They're easy to clean and you can simply wash them. With a soft pile that promotes comfort and endless hours of playtime, these will start your baby on the right foot!

Scandi Reversible Round Rugs

Add a touch of Scandinavian class to any space with this neutral and chic handwoven wool rug. The rustic and durable design is great for a variety of room types.

Round Jute Round Rugs

These all-natural jute rugs bring a casual appeal and tranquillity to your decor. Borders outline the rug for extra polish. The textured pile is ideal for Hampton or nautical decor in your home.

Roman Mosaic Distressed Round Rugs

Inspired by ancient Roman mosaics, the Roman Mosaic Collection is a reimagining of 2,000-year-old symbols of luxury for today’s customers. Pieces are imbued with a sense of history and poetry, combined with a geometric form that's beautifully structured. Besides these, we also stock large round rugs and simple round outdoor rugs in different colours.

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