Modern Rugs

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Modern rugs are in high demand. They look very expensive yet are cost-efficient. When you buy modern rug from us, you are buying beautiful all modern rugs for sale that are affordable, in a selection of styles. We make sure that the prices do not outweigh the aesthetic appeal of our modern curtains or leave you with something you don't want to see.
Modern Rugs
Sometimes the most challenging part of decorating a room is finding the right rug. Featuring rugs with modern, geometric patterns, our store offers visitors an excellent selection of quality pieces that are both elegant and highly aesthetically pleasing while being super simple to navigate. Explore our collection of modern rugs and shop for the best rug to match your decor.

What Makes A Rug Modern?

Contemporary rugs can be an exciting way to add some colours and patterns to your home, making them a piece of art in their own right. A contemporary rug often takes on a bold colour or pattern that is completely different from what you would expect. They also tend to come in free-form styles that are reminiscent of architecture.

What Are High-Quality Rugs?

A high-quality rug is usually made out of wool, silk, or natural fibre. For instance, shearing sheep in India produce the wool that goes into those rugs. Low-quality rugs are often made from synthetics like olefin, nylon, or low-quality wool.

What Do Modern Rugs Look Like?

That cheap modern rug you've had your eye on is sure to add a lot of style to any room. It's made from materials with styles from the last few decades, including arches, curves, triangles and slanted lines. Modern design loves warm shades like oranges and vivid reds, which offset the light wood used for flooring and furniture.

What Kind Of Rugs Are Popular Now?

If you're looking to relax and create a calming, comforting vibe in your home, choose organic decorating material. Flowers and plants are popular, as are natural fabrics like sisal and bamboo instead of synthetic fibres. If you've graduated from bold patterns, opt for subdued designs with calm colours.

How To Place your Rug?

Before you start shopping for the perfect rug, it's important to understand how to place your rug in your space. The right placement can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your room. Here Are A Few Tips For Placing Your Rug:

1. Center your rug in the room: -

This is a good starting point for most rooms. Centre the rug in the room and make sure there is enough space around it to walk comfortably. If you have a furniture piece that you want to highlight, like a coffee table or sofa, you can place the Modern rug underneath it.

2. Create an anchor: -

A large rug can anchor a small seating area or be used to define the space. If you have a large living room, you can use a rug to create two different areas - one for relaxing and one for conversation.

3. Use furniture as a guide: -

Another way to place your beautiful modern rugs is by using your furniture as a guide. Arrange your furniture so that it sits on top of the all modern rugs or partially on the rug. This will help to anchor the pieces and give the room a more polished look.

Types of Rugs Available at Shopystore

Shopystore stocks an extensive range of rungs in different materials, sizes, colours and finishes. There are so many rug beautiful modern rugs for you to choose from. If you’re after a simple and minimalist living room, our Modern Living Room rugs are the best that feature clean lines and muted colours combined with woven textures. Windsor Modern living room rugs are the perfect choice for the more stylish approach. They feature gorgeous pastel colours and a remarkably soft pile with strong fibres that last a long time For contemporary looks, you can go with Rapsody Aoede rugs that are designed with a transitional pattern and an antique overdyed look. Having these rugs around is a good idea since they are easy to care for and require little maintenance.

Using Rugs As A Pop of Colourful

Rugs are one of the easiest ways to add a pop of colour to your home. Whether you choose a bold, vibrant hue or a more subdued shade, rugs can instantly brighten up any space. Not sure how to incorporate a colourful rug into your décor? Here are a few tips: If you want your rug to be the star of the show, pair it with simple, neutral furnishings. This will allow the rug’s colourful pattern to really stand out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours and patterns. A brightly coloured rug can look great paired with a more subdued piece of furniture or vice versa. colourful modern rugs are also perfect for creating an accent wall. Simply hang a brightly coloured rug on the wall as art, and voila! You’ve got an instant focal point.

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Even though our modern rugs are made from high-quality materials, they are way too affordable. The rugs we deliver are made to order and delivered to your doorstep across Australia. You can order a rug now and pay it off later in small slices. Shopystore is one of the best and most rapidly-growing Afterpay stores and Wizpay stores in Australia.