Outdoor Beds

Outdoor Bed- A Perfect Outdoor Relaxation Solution in Summers

Are you looking for an ideal way to relax outdoors? Why not consider investing in an outdoor bed?! At Shopystore, we stock a wide range of garden beds in all shapes, colours, and sizes. Our outdoor beds are a great way to laze around and enjoy the fresh air, even when the weather might not be so great. Add a touch of contemporary style and comfort to your garden with our outdoor bed. Check out our full range here.
A garden bed is a great way to carry the charm of a summer private resort while you take in the sights and sounds outside. Stylish, practical, and comfortable, outdoor beds come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate even the smallest of spaces.

Why choose Outdoor Bed from Shopystore?

The first thing that pops into your mind when you think of outdoor beds is a wide canopy bed. It’s not always that. Other innovative solutions are available that strike a balance between structure and shape. There's no need for a large four-poster outdoor bed with a canopy on a small patio, nor do you need a huge bed on a large roof. A comfortable bed and a sun shelter are all you need. And when you’re at Shopystore, you have it all. Even if you have a small patio or backyard, our bed with an umbrella is the perfect addition to any smallest home. For giant and large backyards, our beds with large canopy and other day beds are ideal for evening relaxation.

Style up your Garden and Add Chic Vibes with Our Cozy Outdoor Beds

Enjoy the great outdoors in complete comfort with our outdoor garden bed and daybed. With its exacting standards of reliability, a day bed is a pleasure to use. In particular, with its canopy, which can be folded down while sunbathing or opened up to 900 to keep you comfortably shaded from bright sun and impinging UV rays when you are chilling out. Modular in nature, the outdoor furniture's base splits into four pieces so you can rearrange it as needed. Four of them can be combined to make a bed, or you can use them separately as a sofa and individual seating. It is constructed of thick, powder-coated steel tubes, UV-resistant PE silk, and premium waterproof polyester fabric. Both indoors and out, it can serve as a peaceful reading nook or a special resting place. The chair armrests, the pillow covers, and four pillows are made from real leather for extra comfort. Their washable covers make them easy to maintain.

Shop Premium Quality Outdoor Beds Today with Afterpay Furniture

Get a premium range of outdoor beds delivered right to your doorstep in no time. Although our prices are reasonable, our beds are of the highest quality that last for years. They are designed to provide you with maximum comfort when you are spending time outdoors. If you ever dreamt of having a day bed on your patio, but couldn’t afford it till now, you can certainly afford one now with our buy now pay later plans. Choose from our payment options; order your day bed now and pay for it later in small slices with no interest ever. Order today and get it delivered quickly.