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Shopy Coins

The Ultimate Rewards Program Offers by, where you will be Rewarded with Shopy Coins!

The more you buy at Shopy Store, the more you save! We reward our customers’ loyalty with our Shopy Coins reward program. Every dollar spent at Shopy Store earns you a Shopy Coins, and the more Shopy Coins you accumulate, the greater the discount you’ll receive on future purchase with

All you have to do is sign in and make a purchase at Shopy Store. That’s all. You do not need to sign up for or pay for any special programs; simply complete a purchase transaction and the coins will be added to your account automatically. Your earned Shopy Coins are yours to keep and can be used whenever you like on any item that qualifies. These coins have no expiration date.

What is Shopy Coin

At Shopy Store, we value your loyalty and want to reward you for your continued support. That's why we have introduced our Shopy Coins reward program. With Shopy Coins, the more you buy, the more you save on future purchases at Here's how it works:

How Can I Collect it:

  • Sign up & get 1000 Shopy Coin (worth $10)as a Bonus credit from us to Buy Now
  • Every $1 you spend at Shopy Store = 1 Shopy Coin (excluding shipping costs)
    The Shopy Coins will be automatically added to your account.
    There is no need to sign up Cost, IT’S TOTALLY FREE TO JOIN!!
  • Keep eye on our Bonus program & promotions to boost up you Shopy Coin

Current Bonus Program

How Can I spend Shopy Coin

To spend your Shopy Coins, simply follow these steps:

  • 1. Add the desired items to your cart on
  • 2. Proceed to the Checkout page.
  • 3. On the Checkout page, you will find an option to use your Shopy Coins as a payment method.
  • 4. Enter the number of Shopy Coins you want to redeem. You can choose to use all or a portion of your available coins.
  • 5. The value of your Shopy Coins will be deducted from the total amount due.
  • 6. If the value of your Shopy Coins covers 100% of the cart value, no additional payment will be required. If there is any remaining balance, you can choose another payment method to complete the transaction.
  • 7. Confirm your order, and your Shopy Coins will be applied towards the purchase.
  • 8. Currently, 1,000 Shopy Coins is equal to AUD $10.

Where Can I check my Shopy Coin

Simply log in to My Account. Your current Shopy Coin balance will be displayed in My Account, “Shopy Coin” section: Refer to below image


No, your Shopy Coins have no expiration date.

No, you can use your Shopy Coins on any qualifying purchase.

Yes, you can combine your Shopy Coins with discount coupons for greater savings.

There is no limit to how many Shopy Coins you can earn.

No, Shopy Coins cannot be redeemed for cash.

No, Shopy Coins are non-transferable.

Shopy Coins earned through purchases will be credited to your Shopy Wallet after a successful transaction.

No, Shopy Coins are not earned on delivery and handling fees.

If you receive a refund for an item, the corresponding Shopy Coins earned for that purchase will be deducted from your account.

Yes, you can track the status of your Rewards by logging into your account and checking your Rewards section.


  • Without registering for Customer Loyalty Program, if you tag us on social media, you will have to contact us (with order ID details) for store credit.
  • Every time you shop with us and share your experience on our website and Facebook and Instagram, you’ll receive a store credit ($10 for each platform) in your account.
  • However, Google review and registration credits are only available to first-time users.

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