Dressing Table

Stunning Range of Dressing Tables to Dazzle Your Bedroom

Dressing tables designed with fine details, our dressing table and makeup table collection offers an array of matching, modern and chic designs that are perfect for any bedroom. Display all of your favourite beauty products in a variety of beautiful mirrors, jewellery trays, and other storage options that complement our dressing tables and makeup tables.
Make your bedroom look stunning and inviting with a matching dressing table from Shopystore. Explore our widest selection of makeup tables designed to suit your style and budget.

What is a dressing table and why should you get one?

Your makeup table is a roomy, free-standing table with a built-in mirror that comes complete with a draw and storage area for all your beauty necessities. A great makeup table makes all the difference to your morning routine and leaves you looking fabulous throughout the day. Choose a full-length mirror dressing table or a compact makeup dressing table, complete with a variety of trays and drawers, to suit every style and space. Many of our tables come in black, white, or oak - as well as pink and white - meaning you can find something to suit any room in the house and all your needs too. Mirror makeup tables with storage are great bedroom furniture. At Shopystore, you can shop from a vast selection of vanity and makeup tables. By functionality, you can choose from,
  • 1 drawer dressing tables
  • 2 drawers dressers
  • 3 drawer dressing tables
  • Dressing tables with shelves
  • Dressing tables with stools
You can also get a dresser with the combined functionality of drawers and a shelf if you want. Some dressers have one large drawer that is equal to a dresser with two or three drawers. So ultimately, it all comes down to the storage you require to organize all your makeup belongings and other stuff you want to store.

What's the best place for a dressing table in a bedroom?

It is essential to place your makeup table in an area with good lighting for applying makeup if you use it as a makeup vanity. You can also go the Hollywood route and get a Makeup table with a Hollywood mirror for your bedroom. Lighting is important, but you also need some space for a stool or chair next to the dressing table, where you can use it for applying makeup and styling your hair. If you are going to use the makeup table drawers primarily as storage, like a tallboy, make sure you have enough space in the room to open and close the drawers.

What are some styling tips for dressing tables?

Decorate your makeup table to make it look stylish and professional. Maintain a minimal amount of decor in the bedroom to create a soothing atmosphere. Keeping your space decluttered makes dusting easier as well! Atop your vanity makeup table, place small decor touches such as flowers, lamps, beautiful artificial plants, photo frames, jewellery boxes, and other cosmetic items. Make sure other furniture items in your bedroom, such as bedside tables, ottoman, and bed frames add charm to the dressing table.

What is the best dressing table to buy?

An ideal dressing table should be both functional and stylish. In a room with ample space, a dressing table and a stool would be a great option. Otherwise, a vanity would be just fine. At Shopystore, we stock a vast selection of makeup tables; choose the best one that complements your bedroom furniture. We provide Buy Now Pay Later services as well as affordable prices. Buy a dressing table today and choose the right plan to pay it off later!