Tub Chair

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Our tub armchairs are perfect for waiting areas and modern offices. With their tufted and studded detailing we have managed to create a comfortable chair with a luxurious feel. These chairs will compliment any interior thanks to their gracefully curved arms, giving them a unique style that will create the perfect office ambience. Shopystore stocks a huge selection of such armchairs across various styles, designs and patterns. Explore our range and find the best tub chair suitable for your needs.
Tub Chair
With our Tub chair, you can find exactly what you're looking for, whether you want extra seating or just a little elegance. The versatile accent chairs from our Afterpay furniture store are the perfect way to add seating to your space while also improving its appearance. Further down, you’ll get some good tips on how to make the most of your Velvet accent chair.

Ideal for living rooms

In many living rooms, tub chairs may be found. Additional chairs are usually needed in living rooms since they are used to gather the family on a regular basis. Accent chairs in Afterpay stores‘ living rooms are adaptable; they may work beside your couch in the same fabric or stand-alone to create a fashionable area highlight. For a contemporary look, combine a tapering couch with leather bath chairs. Your living room will look amazing, and your visitors will immediately notice your impeccable taste.

Modernize the Workplace

If your workplace is looking a bit dated, add tub chairs to provide your visitors with a somewhere to sit and add some flare to your space. Take caution not to use it as a new storage location for your files and documents. A tub chair serves a practical purpose rather than being visually pleasing to store.

Perfect for Bedroom Elegance

Such chairs are a great addition to any bedroom. Occasional chairs, as an alternative to bedside sitting, are perfect for resting and meditating. If your bedroom is feeling claustrophobic, a bath chair might help break up the area. Place a chair near your closet for a place to sit while putting your shoes on, or a tapered bathroom chair by a window for a relaxing spot.

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