Folding Chairs & Stools

Relax and Unwind on our Range of Comfy Folding Chairs

Having the right seating to get your message across is important. Our selection of folding chairs is perfect if you need a chair that is easy to fold away and put away, compact and light enough to carry in lots of different locations. We have folding chairs available in a wide variety of styles and colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your venue's aesthetic.
Folding Chairs & Stools
The experience of sitting in a folding chair is great in itself. There is nothing better than being able to fold and unfold them anywhere. They can be used in a variety of spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, since they are multi-purpose. At Shopystore, you can find a huge selection of such folding chairs that can be used on various occasions. Below are the main types of folding chairs we offer. The chairs come in a set of 1, 2, and 4 chairs, giving you many options when buying a complete set.

Folding Floor Chairs

Floor chairs designed for outdoor and indoor relaxation are soft and comfy. Chaise lounges for the floor can be folded to an easily portable unit for easy storage. These come in two finishes, faux leather and microfiber, so you can choose your level of comfort accordingly. These are quite lightweight and durable as well. Also, the floor loungers can be adjusted to ensure that you will always be comfortable. They can also be used as beds, so they're useful when you need extra sleeping space or have overnight guests.

Outdoor Folding Chairs

You can use our folding outdoor chairs for a variety of purposes, including beach use, travel, camping and more. It is easy to fold and unfold them and carry them wherever you go. Available in wooden and steel finishes, these chairs feature sturdy construction and lightweight design. Wooden chairs are ideal for spending some quality time in your garden or porch. Whereas a steel base chair is the best travel companion.

Get Your Folding Chairs Delivered with Afterpay Furniture

Our folding chairs popular for their sturdier construction and lasting durability. These don’t break easily and offer a comfortable seating experience. Designed to suit a variety of occasions, these are affordable and cheaper to expensive chairs from other furniture stores. Shop your folding chair today and pay for it later as you wish. Select from more than five payment options and pay off your order in instalments with zero interest charges. Also, don’t forget to check out new arrivals in recliner chairs, occasional chairs and chaise lounges.