Bar Table

Bar Table To Complete Your Bar Furniture From Shopystore

Our bar tables are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and will transform your space from ordinary to energetic. From a classic pub table to a contemporary stainless steel model, we have a huge range of designs to choose from. From wood and poly rattan to glass, choose the finish that compliments your space. Explore our wide selection and let us help you find the perfect table for you!
Bar Table
When it comes to bar decoration, selecting the right bar furniture is crucial to defining the usage of the space. A  bar table is an eye-catching piece of furniture in a busy bar. Here are a few advantages of using a high bar table in your bar or home. It creates a friendly atmosphere around the space. In busy cafés and bars, bar tables are used to display freshly baked beverages, creating a comfortable, casual atmosphere. In combination with barstools, the room becomes a nice and calm place to catch up with friends or spend time with coworkers before leaving for home. The high bar table has less of a formal feel than other types of furniture.

Improve floor space

If your dining area isn't perfectly square-shaped, tiny recesses and odd corners will make it difficult to fit the four-person table and matching chairs. An outdoor bar table, with its narrow top and tall height, can be easily tucked into even the narrowest corners. Couples can eat quietly in this area by putting a candle on the table and sitting on the bar stools.

Visually appealing

Since bar tables are taller than normal coffee tables, they can be placed around the perimeter and gathered in the centre with standard tables. Alternatively, you could line them up in front of a window bank so that your clients can keep an eye on their food. With outdoor bar tables, customers can select sitting areas.

Shop Sturdy and Elegant Bar Tables at Shopystore

Our bar tables are constructed from high-quality materials that are sturdier and more durable. They’re designed to suit pubs, bars and even restaurants. Additionally, our prices are reasonable and with deals and discounts, they're even more affordable. Afterpay is a common pay later payment option widely used across Australia. And we’re known to be one of the fastest-growing Afterpay furniture retailers. There are several buy now pay later options, so you can choose your table today and pay later in instalments whenever it is convenient for you.