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A massage roller is used to break down formed tissues in muscles and blood vessels to increase muscle mass.

These eco-friendly massage rollers are great for self-massage and physical therapy. Even so, it works just as well for pre-workout as it does for post-workout. You’ll warm up your muscles and be able to perform more work for a longer period if you roll out before heading to the gym.
Form and Dimensions
Yoga Rollers are also available at Shopy Store in a variety of sizes. While full-size round cylinders are the most common, a range of sizes and shapes are available. 
Because the foam roller is made of polyethylene foam, it is thinner and hence less taxing on muscles. It isn’t too soft to warp under pressure, and its length allows it to be used for a variety of rolling and training activities. 

Yoga Rollers can break down and trigger points in the formed scar tissue. It allows these muscles to extend and return to a more normal movement range.
Improves Physically
Using Yoga Rollers before training can help your muscles work better by improving their mobility and range of motion, allowing you to boost your strength and power.
It Relieves Muscular Pain
Muscle shortening and mobility can be hampered by excessive usage, increased strength, injury, and even inactivity.

Massage Rollers allow you to break down scar tissue in your muscles and enhance blood flow, which provides more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles.

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