Jockey Wheel

Lift Easily with Jockey Wheels from Shopy Store

The jockey wheels are great camping equipment to help you save lifting or heavy trailer objects.
Jockey Wheel
You go to a picnic to enjoy yourself instead of tiring yourself with the trouble of lifting and trailing heavy objects like caravans, vehicles, boats, and other things. We have collected jockey wheels for you at Shopy Store that you can purchase at reasonable prices and make your life easy.

How Does It Help?

A jockey wheel is compact and handy camping equipment that you can take anywhere without occupying a lot of space. It is foldable for easy transportation. You can attach a jockey wheel to the trailer, boats, or caravan to trail them easily without wasting your effort in lifting and pushing them. The jockey wheels have various options like forward, reverse, and inclining for your convenience. We have high-quality products with strong and sturdy wheels that can hold a certain amount of weight easily. There is also a wheel locking system in this camping equipment for better stability. You can buy electric jockey wheels for more convenience.


There are various types of jockey wheels. In terms of load capacity, you can purchase light-load, medium-load, and high-load wheels. There are also manual and electric jockey wheels. The electric jockey wheels can lift more weight, and they are much more accessible. They come with rechargeable batteries that make them easily portable. At the same time, the manual ones are ideal for lightweights like small boats or trailers. But it is better to buy electric jockey wheels from Shopy Store that can help you with all sorts of weights because they can help to escape any lifting or trailing problem while camping.