Train Your Cat To Use Scratching Post (Proven Ways)

This post is designed to give you a complete guide on how to train your cat to use a Cat scratching post.  First of all, you should understand how to get the best scratching post. It will be much easier to get your cat to utilize her scratching post if you have taken the effort to choose one with which she will have a natural attachment. After that, follow the steps below to teach your cat to utilize a scratching post instead of scratching your furniture or carpets. If you've just purchased your cat a nice new scratching post. It can be disappointing to see them walk right past it and dig their nails into the arm of your sofa instead! Fortunately, there are several strategies you may employ to urge your cat to start using that scratching post instead.

The following are 10 ways to get your cat to use the best cat scratching post in Australia:

1. You need to use A Catnip :

  cat scratchers   There are many cats who enjoy catnips,  so this is an excellent place to start. Using powdered catnip or a thin mist of catnip-infused spray, sprinkle powder catnip on and around the cat-scratching trees. Observe as your cat investigates and enjoys the tempting smell.

2. Motivate the Meow to Play Around It

A new cat scratching post's strange shape and aroma may cause your cat to give it a wide berth. Encourage your cat to investigate it by luring them with their favorite toys. Mounting a feathery object on a pole over the scratching post may persuade your cat to invest additional time around it, and before you realize it, they'll be inspecting it with their paws as well!

3. A Pheromone Product Should Be Placed Near the Scratching Post

Some products contain artificial feline pheromones designed to make your cat feel comfortable and secure. Place a pheromone generator near your cat's new scratching post to comfort them that their surroundings are still familiar. Pheromone sprays are beneficial to use on cat scratching posts.

4. Choose The Material That Your Cat Prefers For Their Scratching Post

        Because some cats have distinct preferences regarding the materials, they will and will not utilize, finding the perfect one for your cat is essential. Most cats prefer cat scratchers made of sisal rope or cloth, so if you need one, this is the best choice. Horizontal scratching pads are frequently made of cardboard, and most cats enjoy scratching on this surface. However, the shredded box can screw it up! The material circles of carpet scratching posts might become caught in the claws of some cats. Your cat will almost probably again utilize that cat scratching post again as a result of all this! Scratching posts made of carpet can inspire your cat to scratch other carpeted surfaces of your home, defeating the objective. When your cat is outside, he will scratch on wood, a great natural material.

5. Appropriate Location for Scratching Post

  Best cat scratching Post Don't be surprised if your cat scratching post is left untouched if you put it in an out-of-the-way area of the house. Several of the causes cats scratch is to spread their fragrance in order to define their domain. Setting the scratching post near your cat's entryways is a great method to get them scratching as they walk by. Consider where your cat already scratches and position the cat scratching post in front of those areas. 

6. Various Scratching Posts Should Be Available

Ensure you have adequate cat scratching posts for all of your cats if you have over one. Certain kitties will "claim" a scratching post as their territory, preventing other cats from using it. Ensure there's enough of everything, including food, drink, and trash trays, so your cats don't feel compelled to fight over them.

7. Check To See If The Scratching Post Is Strong Enough

A regular-sized cat scratching tree may not be large enough for a giant breed cat, such as a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, to utilize without toppling it over.  Cats enjoy using the scratch post because it makes them comfortable. Leaning a post against a piece of furniture can help in some cases, but if a post wobbles once, your cat may ignore it in the future. Choose a cat scratching post that is tall enough for your cat to obtain a full-body stretch. Therefore choose one that is as tall as feasible for larger cats.

8. Provide The Proper Scratching side

  cat scratchers   Vertical scratching posts are preferred by certain cats, whereas shallower-angled posts are preferred by others, and horizontal scratching surfaces are preferred by others. It's preferable to provide all three scratching surfaces, as cats prefer to use different scratching surfaces at different times. Your cat may like to stretch with one, relieve stress with another, and remove the outer layers of its claws with a third. If your cat isn't scratching on their vertical scratching post and instead uses your favorite rug. They may choose a horizontal surface over a vertical one.

9. Avoid Scratching Other Surfaces by Removing The Temptation To Do So

Making these surfaces unpleasant can motivate your cat to use their scratching post instead if you're trying to redirect their focus away from utilizing a piece of furniture as a scratching post. You can use tin foil, tape, or a scratch-deterrent substance to cover the arms or legs of your couch or chair.

10. Give Your Kitty A Treat

When you notice your cat scratching on their scratching post, it's crucial to give them a treat. Keep a bag of their beloved goodies nearby and give one to your cat whenever you spot them using their new perch. They'll soon learn that scratching their post results in tasty rewards. Once your cat has mastered their new behavior, you can progressively reduce the number of goodies they receive, giving them one every few times they use the post rather than every time. However, you can still compliment them verbally. Kitties may appear distant, but we all know how much they like being told what lovely cats they are! So you can finally get the best budget pet products to the home.

Area for the Cat Scratching Post

  Scratching Tree   Make sure you find the ideal places in the house to put your pet products. The perfect scratching post placement can be achieved using knowledge of regular cat scratching activities.  Though we humans have preferences about where cat scratching posts should be placed in our homes, generally in corners and out-of-the-way positions, these aren't always the greatest spots in the eyes of our feline companions. It's easy to see why when we evaluate the situation from their perspective.

Why Do Cats Need to Scratch?

We can leverage that cat's scratch to interact with other cats about their territory when deciding where to put a cat scratching post. The observable scratch marks on surfaces and the odors produced from glands in the cat's paws are messages that other cats may easily understand.  She prefers a moving billboard in the form of a tall. Solid scratching post at a visible location around the house. To gratify this evolved feline drive, choose high-traffic places and unhidden spaces in rooms. But don't give up hope. Once your cat consistently utilizes her cat scratching post. It can normally be placed in a location that better complements your home décor. Scratching helps cats relax their muscles, especially those in their shoulders, toes, and feet. As they first wake up, they adore doing something like this, which makes the space near their favored sleeping spots excellent for scratching posts. If your cat is scratching over any part of your carpet then this would be a good fit. Because you already know she likes that place, describing why you want her to choose the scratching post instead of the carpeting may help her realize. If your cat is clawing the arms of your couch or the edges of other furniture, draping a thick blanket around the area and tightly tucking it in so she can't get underneath it can often deter her. Then, right in front of the object she was scratching, position her cat scratching post. Once your cat has left your area you can start putting the scratching and slowly put it where you want to put it. Last But Not Least, When It Comes To Cat Scratching Post, Keep The Following In Mind: Examine an improper item or location where your cat is scratching to acquire useful information. This information might assist you in determining the type and location of scratching posts and pads. Scratching is something cats enjoy doing on vertical, horizontal, and inclined surfaces. They sometimes like scratching in unusual places, such as under the bed or closet. Shopy Store has the best quality scratching posts. It is one of the great afterpay stores. You can visit now and browse the favorite categories to find the best item of your required specifications.