Festoon Lights

Shopy Store’s Led Festoon Lights Provide A Number Of Advantages

Christmas lights are a wonderful alternative for LED Festoon Lights for a variety of reasons. Many of these benefits will pique the interest of your indoor landscaping clients.
Festoon Lights
Christmas theme lights stay a lot longer than incandescent lights. In comparison to incandescent lights, Outdoor LED Festoon Lights last far longer. Christmas lights can live up to 66 times longer than incandescent lights. You will save money by not having to replace them year after year.

It's A Lot Less Difficult To Connect Now

When you have a complicated show, the LEDs' ability to connect additional strands makes it easier to put together. Incandescent strands can only handle five connections at a time, while led strands can handle up to 43. As you can see, LEDs provide you with a lot more alternatives.

Adapting To A Greener Way Of Life

Your clients may talk about how green their Christmas display is because LED Festoon Lights consume little electricity. Clients would appreciate any chance to demonstrate their environmental stewardship to their colleagues. You could even take it a step further and use solar-powered led lights. Most solar-powered strands will collect enough energy to illuminate even on a cloudy day.


Festoon lights outdoor run cooler than incandescent lights since they do not have a filament. This reduces the risk of fires while also making them more user-friendly.


There are a few disadvantages to using LED Festoon Light. They are somewhat more expensive than incandescent lights. However, the cost is rapidly decreasing, and some stores are already offering them at the same price as incandescent bulbs. The cost of operating the bulbs and strands will quickly balance the cost of purchasing the led lights from the Afterpay Stores.

Availability In Stores

Shopy Store has LED Festoon Lights such as net lights; tree wraps, icicle lights, and even rope lights. Festoon lights outdoor are available at all Afterpay stores in Australia. LED lighting should be able to meet all of your lighting needs. Even incandescent bulbs that are no longer in use can be recycled.