Gastronorm Pans Lids

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Sometimes called a type of food-grade stainless steel, Gastronorm is an innovative way to serve food. The large surface area allows for a fast exothermal response which enhances the taste giving you a nice slaw in no time at all. A spiralled lid allows for easy closing and serves as striking contrast when placed on the large stainless steel tray.
Gastronorm Pans Lids
At Shopystore, we offer a huge selection of stainless steel Gastronorm pans, Gastronorm trays, Gastronorm pans with lids, Gastronorm pan sets. Explore our range and find the best sets for your commercial kitchen.

What Is Gastronorm System?

Gastronorm revolutionises the kitchen by optimising space in professional kitchens without wasting any of it. It was launched in Switzerland and is a modular system that is designed to pre-figure the potential of each device within the commercial kitchen.

Can Gastronorm Pans Go In The Oven?

These dishes are great for keeping food warm. They are a perfect choice for cold buffet areas, salad bars and of course, to-go containers. Be sure to choose the size appropriate for what you plan on serving. But they’re appropriate for cooking in ovens or on the stove (with direct heat).

How Do You Clean Gastronorm?

If you have a smudgy countertop and are struggling to clean it, vinegar and bicarb soda can work wonders for getting the job done.

Can I Cook In A Gastronorm?

Polycarbonate Gastronorm Containers are usually used for refrigerated food displays and, to some extent, hot food. The product is not suitable for cooking or use in an oven.

What is a Gastronorm dish?

In the restaurant and catering industries, Gastronorm sizes are standard containers, which are standardized in EN 631 standards. They aren't as popular outside the catering and restaurant industry because relatively few people know they exist.

Gastronorm System Available at Shopystore

Shopystore stocks a wide range of Gastronorm GN pans and containers. Below is an overview of our commercial-grade products.

Gastronorm Pans

Gastronorm pans are one of our best-selling commercial items. Our pans are available in various sizes and designs, offering you a number of choices. The pans are standard size and are compatible with walk-in coolers, universal racks, and heating elements. As a result of this standard, food industry operations can be rationalized by creating equipment compatibility at a high level. These pans feature a rounded reinforced edge and stackable design, making them ideal for commercial kitchens. Not least, reinforced corners provide strength and allow easy removal of pans. Our Gastronorm pan is made from corrosion-resistant materials, has a seamless construction, and will not tarnish over time. Food is not affected by it and flavours are protected. Here are some best sizes of pans available at our store. These pans are suitable for heavy commercial use in hotels, restaurants, buffets, catering, party portions etc.

Gastronorm Containers & Lids

You'll love adding these stackable Gastronorm containers to your cooking arsenal. With solid construction and easy cleaning, the steam table pan is made of stainless steel. Because of the durable material, it is scratch-free and easy to maintain. Featuring standard Gastronorm dimensions, the food pan can be used universally and in a wide variety of ways. This makes it the perfect fit for all your professional kitchen equipment, such as bain marie, chafing dishes, salad bars, etc. Stackable and space-saving, the cookware can be hidden away when not in use.

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