Wooden Raised Garden Bed

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This Wooden Garden Raised Bed is perfect for DIY enthusiasts to use in their own gardens, balconies, front porches, patios, and other places. The beds can be used to grow a variety of flowers or plants. Made from solid acacia wood raised garden beds and finished with natural oils for weather resistance, the raised beds are easy to assemble and are great for outdoor use all year long.
Wooden Raised Garden Bed
Our Wooden Raised Garden Beds have all the space and soil needed to grow your favourite fruits, vegetables and flowers. Made from quality materials and built with care, these raised garden beds will last for years to come. Check out our unique collection today.

What Wood Is Best For Raised Garden Beds?

Cedar is not just the best wood for garden beds; it's also a high-quality choice of wood for outdoor construction projects. Western Red Cedar, White Cedar, and Yellow Cedar are all good choices.

How Long Will A Wooden Raised Bed Last?

How long will untreated wood used for gardens last? It's hard to say how long untreated wood used for raised garden beds will last. Factors like exposure to water and sunlight also play a role in how quickly it will deteriorate. Generally speaking, untreated wood can last 5-15 years outside.

Should I Line My Wooden Raised Bed?

If you have an elevated garden bed, it can help to line it on the inside with textile fabrics to harden and waterproof the surface. Use landscape fabric at garden supply stores or any material that isn't plastic in nature; some plastics may hold too much water which will discourage insects and worms from congregating.

What Do I Put On The Bottom Of A Raised Garden Bed?

One of the biggest challenges to planting a garden is the side effects of weeds and pests on your plants. Raised garden beds can help prevent this by using concrete, fabric, cardboard, or mulch as the barrier between your garden soil and the ground.

Advantages of Wooden Garden Raised Beds

There are many advantages to choosing wooden raised garden beds for your gardening needs. For one, they are a very attractive option and can add a touch of class to any garden. They are also extremely sturdy and will last for many years with proper care. Additionally, they offer better drainage than ground-level planting areas, which means your plants will be less susceptible to root rot and other problems caused by poor drainage. Finally, raised garden beds make it easier to control the quality of your soil, since you can add amendments as needed without having to till up an entire garden plot.

Types of Raised Wooden Garden Beds

There are a few different types of designs to choose from when it comes to the best wooden raised garden beds. The most popular type is the traditional rectangular design. However, there are also square, L-shaped, and T-shaped designs available. You can also find ones that are elevated off the ground or have a cover over them. The traditional rectangular design is the most popular for a few reasons. First, it is the easiest to build. Second, it maximizes space in your garden so you can grow more plants. Third, it looks the best since all the boards are straight and aligned evenly. The square design is also popular because it is easy to build and doesn't take up much space in your yard. However, some people find it to be less aesthetically pleasing than the rectangle since the boards are not as evenly spaced out. The L-shaped design is great if you want to maximize space in your garden but don't want it to look too crowded. It can be difficult to build though since you have to make sure all the boards fit together properly at the corners. The T-shaped design is similar to the L-shaped one except that one section of the bed is shorter than the other. This can be helpful if you have limited space but still want a good-sized garden bed. It can also be difficult to build since all the boards have to fit together perfectly at both ends.

Shop Wooden Garden Raised Beds Today and Pay Later

In addition to being made from high-quality materials, our wooden garden raised beds are also long-lasting. These are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Besides wooden beds, we also stock elevated garden beds, rattan raised garden beds and steel raised garden beds. At Shopystore, we provide affordable prices and flexible payment options. Shop a wooden raised bed today and pay later in small chunks. Shopystore delivers the best home and garden decor Australia-wide. We’re one of the fastest-growing Afterpay stores, Latitudepay Stores and Wizpay stores in Australia.