How to Choose The Best Weighted Blanket For Your Needs

Are you looking forward to investing in a natural way to relax and sleep better? If yes, inside time for you to consider investing in weighted blanket Australia. These blankets are your best bet as they are in trend, and they can also help you get a better good night’s sleep and lead you to a healthy life. You would have indeed decided to invest in a tremendous weighted blanket, but you must consider how to choose weighted blanket. You need to keep certain things at the back of your mind before you choose one. Weighted blankets are also known as therapeutic blankets, and they are loaded with glass beads or plastic pallets to add extra weight, typically anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds. The excess weight of the weighted blanket helps in mimicking pressure therapy, which is where firm pressure is gently applied to the body to help relax the nervous system. So it would be best if you learned how to choose weighted blanket as it offers incredible benefits. A weighted blanket is wholly thick and is used to soothe and help in relieving stress besides anxiety and enhancing sleep quality. The pressure of the blanket produces a tremendous calming effect and also stimulates the feeling of being hugged. It was used in the past only for therapeutic reasons and was not mass-produced, and it is available in most stores now. Weighted blankets are available in various styles and colors.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Weighted Blanket

The first thing that you need to consider when learning how to choose weighted blanket is that it is an excellent tool if you feel restless and unable to sleep or need help relieving stress. Besides being a comfortable blanket to snuggle under, it is an investment in your well-being, produces several mood-boosting hormones, and enhances serotonin levels. So you must learn how to pick the best one, which is way different from the regular plate blanket you might buy during the holidays Or a false fur throw that you use as a decorative element on your bed. There is little more to consider when purchasing a Cheap Weighted Blanket.

Weight Plays A Major Role

Weight Plays A Major Role When it comes to learning how to choose weighted blanket, you have to first consider the weight. The blanket weighs anywhere around 5 and 30 pounds. The thumb rule here is that you have to choose the one which is about 10% of your body weight or the option close to your percentage. If the blanket would be for more occasional use, then you should go for a lighter option like you're going to use it on a sofa. Still, if you're planning to sleep under it every night, then you have to go for a heavier blanket so you can experience the optimum benefits. A 15-pound blanket is the middle off-road choice on the market that would be suitable for most people. You have to consider the weight whenever you want to learn how to choose best weighted blanket in Australia, like Weighted Blanket Quilt Doona Cover 152 x 203cm Grey.

Size Of The Weighted Blanket

Size of The Weighted Blanket When it comes to an understanding how to choose best weighted blanket like 7KG Anti-Anxiety Weighted Blanket Gravity Blankets Mink Color as these blankets come in different sizes that correspond with the matrix size, and they're available in twin queen and full and king sizes, you have to choose the cheap blanket online which fits your bed size do not size up as you do not want it to drive over your bed excessively. Once you understand the weight of the weighted blanket, you are looking for it's time to choose the correct size. For instance, if you sleep on a twin or full-size bed, you should buy a weighted blanket of similar dimensions, and the same thing goes for a full or queen mattress. When it comes to height, you should buy weighted blanket that is the same size or slightly bigger than the person you're buying it for. You have to think about the weighted blanket as a throw blanket, but it should not be too big that it hangs over the side of the bed.

Weighted Blanket Fabric

Weighted Blanket Fabric When you want to choose the best weighted blanket Australia like Laura Hill Weighted Blanket Heavy Kids Quilt Doona 5Kg – White, you need to consider the fabric. The majority of the weighted blankets are made from soft materials like cotton, microfiber fleece and others to improve comfort. The cosiness of the weight and softness of the material produces a tremendous soothing effect and are what give a weighted blanket that characteristic hug-like feel. You don't need to worry as there are some weighted cooling blankets available out there, and you can buy the best weighted blanket, including Chunky Hand Knit Thick Weighted Blanket 6.3KG 203cm x 153cm – Charcoal that will help you sleep without sweating profusely provided you are a hot sleeper. What gives it the best comfort feeling is the fabric that it is made from. For instance, if you're a hot sleeper, then you can go for a fleece or a cotton blanket like Weighted Gravity Blanket 7KG Queen Size Relax Ultra Soft Grey, and it's your best bet. You can buy a weighted blanket that is breathable and has a moisture-wicking fabric that allows for more airflow and is more cooling.

Costing Of The Blanket

Costing Of The Blanket It would be best if you considered the cost of the body blanket before investing in one. Different types of weighted blankets are available out there; you need to choose the one which aligns with your budget. The blanket will be smaller when you go for an affordable version, and they would even weigh less and might not feature high-quality materials and fillers. Consider investing in an electric blanket if you're looking for a budget-friendly option.

Who Are You Buying For

Before you buy a kids blanket, you need to consider who you are buying it for. If you're buying for your kids, then you have to consider their weight, size and age. Weighted blankets must not be used for kids under two years of age, and a doctor must be consulted if you're buying a blanket for a kit that is under five years. At the same time, if you're buying a mink blanket for couples, then you have to consider yourself and your sleeping partner because you must check the height and weight differences. If you and your partner are around the same height and weight, then it is straightforward to choose a blanket. For instance, if you weigh 130 pounds and your partner weighs around 200 pounds, the weighted blanket must be hefty for you and too light for the partner. Additionally, you must know that the height and size of your bed also play a crucial role. The weighted blanket might be able to cover each of your bodies completely, but it should not hang over the side of the mattresses.

Are Weighted Blankets   Even Safe?

If you have chosen weighted blankets in Australia, you would be wondering if it is safe or not. You must know that weighted blankets are entirely safe for adults, but they are not safe for kids with breathing problems and blood circulation. The weighted blanket should not be used for people with underlying health issues like sleep apnea, asthma or chronic health conditions, or any other health issues.

Different Types Of Weighted Blankets

Glass Bead-Filled Weighted Blankets

Glass Bead Filled Weighted Blankets If you have been wondering what that gives the weighted blanket its weight is, it is the filler that is used. Even though you can buy cheap weighted blanket like Knitted Weighted Blanket Chunky Bulky Knit Throw Blanket 3KG Navy Blue, you can expect only the best quality. One of the most popular fillers includes glass beads which are heavier than the more standard plastic pellets, but blankets filled with them also tend to be a little more expensive. The glass beads are completely hypoallergenic, and as they weigh a little more, a smaller quantity of them is needed, so the weighted blankets are thin and not bulky.

Chunky Knit Woven Weighted Blanket

Chunky Knit Woven Weighted Blanket This type of weighted blanket adds a great texture and a lovely decorative accent to your sofa or bed. You can buy weighted blanket knitted like Knitted Weighted Blanket Chunky Bulky Knit Throw Blanket 6.5KG Pink, as the chunky views allow for perfect airflow and good weight distribution, which every hot sleeper would surely appreciate.

Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover

Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover Some of the best weighted throw blanket, like 9KG Anti-Anxiety Weighted Blanket Gravity Blankets Royal Blue Colour, come with a removable cover that is washer and dryer safe for easy maintenance. While there are some weighted blankets that are machine washable, simply stripping the body and throwing it in the washer and dryer is a great option.


Weighted blankets are likely to last all night long, and they make an excellent gift for everyone with sleep problems or even anxiety. The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping for a weighted blanket is weight. Ensure that you choose a blanket that is 10% of your body weight if you're an adult. If you're shopping for a child, it is recommended that you find a weighted blanket that is just 10% of theirs. Once you've chosen the correct weight and size, take note of the extra features that the blanket poses.