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Buy Paddle Boards from Shopy Store

Paddle boarding is a growing sport nowadays. It’s like a mixture of a surfboard and a kayak so you can boat and surf at the same time. The paddle boards are also called stand up paddle board because they can be stood like regular surfboards and taken anywhere you want. You can buy the paddle boards from Shopy Store at the best price so hurry up and place your order to enjoy surfing and boating at the same time.


These are made of high-quality wood or PVC that can stay durable in the water. We also have inflatable paddle boards that are filled with air before use. The inflatable paddle boards are made secure with leak-proof construction so the air does not leak while you are boarding. They are strong enough to handle the strong waves so you can perform spectacular tricks.

 Inflatable paddle boards are lightweight so they are suitable for transportation and kids and adults can easily board on them. You can also find the stand up paddle board with a kayak seat so you can comfortably sit and surf or you can stand on them like the usual surfboards. They come with adjustable paddles that make kayaking easier. For additional facilities, there are pressure pumps, carrying bags, removable fins, and carrying bags.

Why choose Shopy Store?

We offer everything under the same roof so you do not need to wander in the markets because deliver high-quality products at your doorstep all across Australia. You can rely on our shop for the quality and undamaged products. You do not have to pay for your purchase beforehand because of the buy now and pay later service so you can pay easily through instalments.