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 When you’re out on the water on an open boat, it’s easy to overexpose yourself to the sun, which can lead to a nasty burn. The sun you get on a ship is harsher than the sun you get on land because of the way water reflects sunlight onto your body.

While wearing a hat, wearing appropriate clothes, and using sunscreen will help to shield you from the sun, they will not give the shade that a Bimini Top will. Bimini Tops will provide you with the most comprehensive protection when boating. A Bimini Top is made of a metal frame that holds a canvas with open sides. It’s like a four-legged umbrella that covers a section of your boat. Boat accessories make it easy to relax on the water without worrying about harming your skin.

We are offering the best quality of boat seating that you can choose from chairs to folding fishing seats, bucket seats and pedestals, swing back seats with good finishing, and more. We offer lounge and jump seats for boats with matching vinyl upholstery.

Our Boat Seats provide a room for sitting with safety in the boat. In the case of waves, the Boat Seats are equipped with belts for emergency purposes.
Our boat seat design is ideal for fishing. They come with the most strong aluminum hinges that enable the backrest to be flipped down, creating more space.
Bimini tops provide excellent weather protection without requiring you to have a fully enclosed boat. When needed, they may be deployed quickly and folded down just as fast to restore open-air boating. Even during storage, bimini boots can be used to keep the canopy safe and out of the way.

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