Double Mattress Topper

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Giselle Bedding mattresses are designed to provide you with not just a great night’s sleep but also a better quality of life. Every Giselle Bedding mattress is created for serious comfort, adequate support, and undisturbed relaxation, using all luxury Foam Mattress Topper manufacture innovations and technology.
Double Mattress Topper
Nothing is left to chance to ensure that every aspect of our Foam Mattress Topper is meticulously crafted to satisfy in every way. Convert your old mattress into a plush pillowtop mattress with all the amenities of a five-star hotel. It has a high cushion of comfort with ample microfibre filling that supports your every move. This Double Bed Mattress Topper is certainly worth five stars since it is antibacterial, dust mite resistant, and anti-allergy. The fully-fitted elastic skirt offers a tight hold, ensuring the topper stays in place on mattresses up to 45cm thick. Cover with your favorite bed sheet for the finest of all possible combinations.

Advantages Of Double Mattress Topper

  • The fully-fitted 45cm elastic skirt extends to accommodate a mattress up to 45cm thick.
  • Pockets are sewn to keep the microfibre filler from spreading and becoming lumpy.
  • Allows for an equal distribution of weight.
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Antibacterial and Dust Mite Resistant, Allergy Resistant
  • For extra support, there's a side gusset.

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