Sexy and Fun Dildos To Spice Up Your Sex Game: Best Sex Toys

Among the sex toys, dildos are by far the most popular. Dildoes don't move independently like vibrators. Dildos offer a whole new dimension to your sex life because they come in shapes and sizes, unlike humans.
There are several ways to use dildos, including putting them in your mouth, anus, or vagina. Despite looking like a penis, they aren't necessarily meant to feel like one. Diddles are available in a number of different styles, materials, girths, and lengths. Dildos can enhance clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, and anal penetration, among other sexual experiences.

What’s The Difference Between Dildos and Vibrators?

Both dildos and vibrators serve a similar purpose as sex toys. Their functions overlap somewhat, however. The significant difference is there are some dildos that can vibrate, but most don't. While some vibrators can be used externally during solo play or in tandem with a partner, others can be inserted intravaginally or anus.

How To Use A Dildo?

The manufacturer's instructions are crucial if you plan to use a dildo for the first time. Different materials will react differently to lube and heat. To use a dildo, keep the below things in mind.

Keep The Dildo Clean

Make sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. Depending on the dildo, it can be boiled or cleaned with homemade cleaner or soap and water.

Get Your Dildo Warm

It is always best to use a warm dildo on your body unless you are intending on playing with temperature. Warm water may be suitable for your dildo, depending on the instructions for use.

Use Lubrication

Make sure you lubricate the dildo properly to decrease friction. In general, silicone toys are safe to use with water-based lubricants, but they do need to be reapplied frequently. Dildos made of glass or steel perform better when lubed with silicone.

Begin With Foreplay

When used with foreplay, a dildo can be greatly enhanced. Lubricate the dildo and rub it on the inner thigh of you or your partner. You might want to lighten the penetration with a gentle touch before attempting a full penetration of the anus, clitoris, or vaginal opening with the dildo.

Plunge In

A dildo can be employed in any type of play, such as masturbation or sex with a partner. A large dildo can be difficult to maneuver if penetration is the goal. Instead, go slowly when using a small dildo.

What Are Some Different Types Of Dildos?

Hard Dildos

Materials such as glass, steel, and crystal are used for hard dildos. There are harder dildos that can be very helpful for stimulating specific parts of the body, such as the a-spot if used correctly.

Soft Dildos

Silicon dildos are generally squishy/flexible and usually made of silicone, which is why they are called soft dildos.

Representational Dildos

Representational dildos, also called realistic dildos, resemble human penises — many even have testicles.

Vibrating Dildos

The bullet vibrator on a vibrating dildo is generally made of silicone and the dildo is generally made of silicone.

How to choose the right dildo: 3 Tips

Make The Right Choice

A dildo is only as good as the style and needs that you put into it, especially since dildos only do what you command them to do. Make sure, they aren’t vibrators so you won’t feel vibrations and movements with them. Choose the right size. No matter how relaxed and committed you are, if you get something too big for you - it will NEVER work. Think about what shape and colour you want your new Dildo to be in.

Mood Matters

Make sure you are in a quiet, relaxed setting. Make the room feel cozy by closing the blinds, playing some music, and even lighting a few candles. You'll know how much of a mood boost this helps with if you've done this before sexual interaction.

Know Your Game

You can use your Dildo to explore penetration in multiple ways. You may find that certain spots are more enjoyable if you experiment with different angles of insertion. Make sure you know how much deep thrusting is okay for you and if temperature play is required.

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