A Brief Guide To Bed Frame Materials & Sizes

A bed frame is a structure that provides the base for the bed and its items. Suppose you have a bed mattress and what’s next? Will you put that on the floor to relax and sleep? Of course not! Because a bed mattress needs a bed frame to get fitted into.   After you've found the perfect mattress for you, what's next? Although it may be usual for a young adult who has just moved into their place to sleep on the floor, no one is content with that position for long. When you finally begin to think about what kind of frame you need you will realize the importance soon. It won't take long to understand that there are many different types of bed frames to pick from, and that finding the right one might be difficult. But now we're going to talk about just what a bed frame is, to provide you with the details you need to stay on budget and explore all of your options in this area.

Frame for the Bed

metal-bed-frame The phrase "bed frames," sometimes known as "bedsteads," refers to the type of support that your mattress rests on.  Bed frames have been used to help hold the bedding in place for a more comfortable slumber for as long as people have developed a comfy sleeping surface. This could have indicated a trench dug out to hold bedding or raised slabs of granite raised off the cold ground in early Neolithic times.  However, within a few thousand years, timber frames with rope supports became prevalent in various societies, describing a modern-day build. Overly huge and thick pillows, such as pads packed with grasses, straw, feathers, cotton, wool, or indeed any type of material that was both soothing and supporting to the body, were all that was required of bed frames.

Materials for Bed Frame

The first structure for cushioned sleeping material may have been soft ground and elevated rock slabs, but we've come a long way since then. Bed frame manufacturers now use a variety of materials to give not only support for modern mattresses but also aesthetic options for a variety of decor, as well as size and storage preferences.

Wood Bed Frame

wooden-bed-frame Wood is one of the most extensively utilized materials in modern frame design, and some of the most popular wooden bed frames still mirror traditional construction materials.  Solid wood panels, supports, head and footboards, and other heirloom-quality furniture are quite popular. Even more so are pressed wood boards (also known as particleboards), which take scraps of wood and glue them together to form a strong, lasting board. For a less expensive alternative to actual wood, wooden bed frames are frequently covered with vinyl that simulates natural wood grain.

Metal Bed Frame

metal-bed-frame The metal bed frame is used as a stand-alone material or as a robust base for other materials. Brass and stainless steel are popular because they allow for a lot of metalworking to be displayed while not being too big or clashing with other furniture.

Bed Frame Sizes

Double Bed Frame

double-bed-frame A full size bed, often known as a double bed, is 54 inches long by 75 inches wide and accommodates a full size mattress.  These mattresses are 16 inches wider, which makes them great for teens and adults who like to stretch out. A full mattress is also a great choice for a guest room or a tiny studio apartment. Make sure your bedroom can manage the extra width before purchasing a double bed frame. For a full bed, the room needs to be 11 x 12 feet for a better experience. In this way, the bed can be placed anywhere in the room easily without any hustle

Queen Size Bed Frames

Queen-bed-frame Queen bed frames provide such a dimension that supports a mattress of comfortable experience. Most couples like queen beds because they provide each individual with 30 inches of personal space. The extra space provided by a queen is also appreciated by single sleepers. In a conventional 11-by-12-foot bedroom, a queen-size bed will fit easily. When used in a master bedroom, however, queen beds may not adequately fill the space. Queen-size bed frames are a terrific alternative if you're a single adult seeking for extra space to stretch out.  Taller persons may find themselves waking up with one foot dangling from a 75-inch-wide full-size bed. When a person tosses and turns frequently while sleeping, they may roll to the side of a complete frame. If they sleep on a queen-sized bed frame, they will have more terrific support and far more space. queen size bed frames are appropriate for rooms of 10' x 12' or smaller ("120 square feet"). Even in smaller rooms with a queen bed, there would be plenty of living space and enough for additional bedroom furnishings.  Queen size bed frames are ideal for guest rooms as well as holiday homes because of their versatility.

King Size Bed Frame

king-size-bed-frame The king single bed frame is 107cm x 203cm in size, which makes it broader and taller than a standard single bed. On a queen size mattress, couples will start to get bored. Upgrading to a king bed frame provides more personal space for each guest and can accommodate families that prefer to sleep together. Because king size mattresses are 76 inches by 80 inches, they should be used in a master bedroom or a room that is at least 13 feet by 13 feet in size.  A king bed frame extends the length of the bed by 5 inches on each side. So, before you go out and buy a bigger bed, make sure you have enough space for the mattress and the frame.

Single Size Bed Frame

A 38 x 75 inches is the area of single bed frames which are also known as twin bed frames. These beds are perfect for kids who have outgrown their toddler beds and require a little more room.
  • A Single Size bed frame fits nicely in a conventional 11-by-12-foot bedroom, leaving ample room for a play area or other furnishings.
  • Single beds are adaptable since they may be used alone or placed together to make a king-size bed. Even if there's some type of movement going on, you may clutch these together and hold all in order.
  • Attach wheels with locking to two singles that are fastened together. For a fast and partial fix, try moving the beds so that they are parallel to the bed frames.
  • Raise a room to disguise a single pull-out bed.

Factors for Considering the Bed Frames

Materials To Choose

One of the most popular bed frame elements is metal and wood, and both are in demand. A wooden frame looks best with the same headboard, while a metal frame looks best with a metal headboard, however, this may vary based on the style of the headboard and how much of the frame is visible.  Whatever material you pick, make certain that the headboard and, if necessary, the footboard is securely fastened to the frame.  Most headboards can be adjusted to fit frames of varying heights. This will depend on the material and size of the headboard. You can be sure that your new frame and current headboard will fit together if you measure ahead of time.


The size matters a lot. While it's critical to get a frame that fits your current mattress, think about if you'd like to plan forward as well.  Some are adjustable to fit various mattress sizes. For example, a twin can be converted to a full, and a full can be converted to a queen.  The places where this kind of thing is needed are the children's room and the guest room. Consider purchasing an adjustable frame if you anticipate needing to use a different size bed shortly. You will surely want a frame that will allow some space under it to place some stuff. This will save the space that will feel good and provide additional space in the room.  These are frequently marketed as a stand-alone piece in the living room or as part of a bedroom furniture bundle. While buying a bed frame shouldn't be difficult, you should take your time and think. It should be rather simple to find a frame that meets your demands and fits your existing pieces. Buy Bed Frames from the Shopy Store because it is the best place for Homewares online You can buy the Homewares right from your house using the Afterpay furniture for a reliable payment method.