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Super king sheet set is made to fit over your mattress snuggly. They are sewn with an elastic band on all four corners to provide a secure fit. The flexibility of these super king bed sheets allows for a solid grasp, preventing propping up from tossing and turning when sleeping.

Protection: A super king sheet set protects against everyday wear and tear such as stains, rips, and tears.
Simple Removal: Fitted sheets can hug your mattress tightly, but all it takes to get it off is a quick pull from one of the corners. This simple removal method is both practical and time-saving.
Dedicated Label: Most Super King Size Sheet. have a dedicated label that specifies the mattress size they are designed to fit, so you won’t have to worry about providing a wrinkle-free.
Cleaning: Most super king sizes sheets can be washed at home, eliminating the need for costly dry-cleaning visits. Instead, follow easy cleaning instructions.
Time-Saving: Using a super king sheet set saves a lot of time. Sheets are meant to fit the mattress. 

On Giselle Bedding, you don’t need to fold and adapt your sheet to the mattress size when using it. Sheets are preferred over flat sheets in many ways. When you use them, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of making a bed over and over again.

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