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Keep Every Ride In Record With Shopy Store Dash Camera
A car dash camera is compact, and it can be easily fitted on the dashboard of the car or the windscreen (behind the rearview mirror). Dash cameras record everything in front of the vehicle. Some high-end dashcams even capture the rearview with the help of a rear-facing lens. Installing a dash camera for your car is a simple and effective way to capture your drive. In other words, a dashcam acts as a ‘silent witness’ in case you are involved in any absurd incident. The compact nature of the device makes it easy to fit on a dashboard, and a simple operating mechanism makes it easy to use. A dash camera is a third eye, which records everything in front of you when you go out for a drive. Usually, a car dash cameras is mounted on the front windscreen behind the interior rearview mirror. This position gives a clear vision for the camera to capture what’s going on ahead. A car recording camera is connected to automatically switch on and starts recording as soon as you switch on the car’s ignition. So, you will never miss out on a recording while driving your car with a dashcam.

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Dashboard cameras even come with internal storage. But if the dashcam has a loop-recording feature, it automatically deletes the old files and makes storage space for the new files. So, a dashcam is efficient in its operation, and there are no chances of you missing out on any recordings. Coming to the video capturing capability of the dash cams, our dash camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens, which captures the full width of the road and the surroundings. So, no matter if it’s the side of the road or in the middle of the road, everything is captured. Some dash cams even have dual-lens, which capture the interior of the car. Apart from that, the dash cameras come with a GPS tracker that logs the car’s speed and the exact location. 

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If you are worried about the driving style of your younger ones, you can monitor the driving behaviour via a dashcam. Moreover, the latest dashboard cameras can live stream the feed to your smartphone, and you can evaluate their driving style. Also, buying a dash camera from a shopy store can enjoy the buy now and pay later.